A screenprinted card of a pink bullet bra with sparkling gold stripes.

2-color screenprint


Digital / Graphite / Screenprint

My love of illustration is what brought me to design. I love to explore and experiment with whatever mediums I can get my hands on. This collection features digital vectors, graphite drawings, and screen printed art.

A vector illustration of a bedroom at night. There is a pink neon sign with the word, Space, that illuminates the bed, shelves, and posters.

vector illustration

A screenprinted poster of 15 various icons of women's underwear. They are laid out in a grid on a white background.

3-color screenprint

A drawing of a nude woman laying on her back, cropped to show only her body. The drawing is red colored pencil on red paper.

red prismacolor on red paper

A vector illustration of a smore on a mint green background.

vector illustration done for Lands' End's instragram (illustration only)

animated gif

A realistic, graphite pencil sketch of two bell peppers and one cucumber.

graphite sketch

A vector portrait of rapper, Noname on an orange background. She is smiling with her arm extended toward the camera. She is wearing an orange dress with a darker orange trench coat.

vector portrait